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  • Name: Betaine monohydrate
  • No.: A03
  • Time: 2015-12-25
  • Views : 208
  • [Alias]: trimethyl glycine monohydrate
    [Content] ≥85%, by C5H11NO2
    [CAS No.]: 17146-86-0
    [Molecular Formula]: C5H11NO2 • H2O
    [Molecular weight]: 135.16 (1997 international relative atomic mass)
    [Efficacy] same as the betaine
    [Structural formula]


    Animal specifies

    Recommended additive amount (kg/ton mixed feeds)

    Betaine monohydrate(85%

    Livestock and poultry


    Aquatic product


    Storage: Stored in a cool, dry place; kept sealed.
    Period of Validity: 24 months (sealed)
    Precautions: It is easy to absorb moisture, easy to agglomerate, but it does not affect its properties.